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It is important that a trained technician lay out, install, and test your new lawn sprinkler system. At Lawns R Us in Pewaukee, we employ a permanent staff of trained supervisors and laborers on every job. They use the most current technology and tools to complete the installation of an attractive and efficient underground lawn sprinkler system. They also focus on preserving your lawn and minimizing damage as much possible during the installation.

Sprinkler Installation & Repair - Pewaukee, Wisconsin

Prior to the install, we contact Diggers Hotline and schedule them to come to your home and mark your underground utilities. They will only locate public utilities – we rely on the home owner to notify us of any private lines (dog fence, lighting, drain tile, etc.) on the property.

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Our Process

  • The plumbing portion of the irrigation system is REQUIRED to be done by a licensed plumber. Because we have our own plumbing company we perform all plumbing portions of the installation "In House” and pull all permits required for the installation process.
  • The day of the sprinkler install we flag out the zones for your yard and the location of heads. This is the best time to coordinate with our sprinkler installation foreman the "fine details” of the installation. Details like the location of underground dog fence, drain tile, or discussing the location of the controller or valve boxes.
  • Our sprinkler installation is done with the use of "Trenchless Technology.” The system is pulled into your yard using a vibratory plow. This machine has a blade on the back that makes a small slit in the yard. This allows us to repair the turf so that you’ll hardly know we were there. We usually tell customers that the lines will disappear within 2 weeks.
  • Upon completion we will walk through your yard with you and explain our installation. We will show you how to operate the irrigation controller (Timer) and show you how your new sprinkler system operates.
  • A few weeks after completion you will receive your warranty information with a drawing of your system in the mail. After completion it will be the homeowner’s responsibility to contact the Plumbing Inspector for their municipality to schedule a convenient time for them to come to the house to complete the Plumbing Inspection. This usually takes less than a half hour.
For sprinkler installation or sprinkler repair, contact the
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